Audit & Traceability

Your document workflows contain your most valuable, sensitive, and high-risk data. Traceability and serialization features allow you to easily drive visibility and control into your documents. Authorized users can quickly access tracking modules via Docrity's desktop dashboard or mobile app.

Document Serialization

Document serialization is the missing piece in the information security audit trail for connecting data governance to both physical and digital documents. Serialization should be applied to any document with regulated, sensitive, or confidential data.



Automatically barcode each document with a non- sequential serial code.



Tag each document with a human readable serial number, IP address or other job meta data.

Activity Logging

See, at a glance, a copy of the document, user, activity and file metadata of the document. Activity Logs contain the audit trail report for each individual document, including a captured copy and data that you define for full traceability.

Mobile Scanning & Tracking

Access the activity log and get audit trail reports with a quick scan of the traceability barcode on the document. The Docrity App* can also scan the SecureMark encrypted code for offline verification of data.

*Available for Android and iPhone

Improve Data Governance & Compliance

Get end to end traceability and audit trail reporting for individual documents. Address compliance and data protection challenges in your document workflows.

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