Build Secure PDF Based Document Workflows in the Cloud

Always have access to the latest features with a cloud based platform. Easily create secure PDF based documents and workflows, your way, with a user-friendly visual designer, APIs, and mobile apps.

Visualize your Security Templates

The Docrity Visual Designer allows you to easily create hundreds of security templates to meet all of your sensitive document needs.



Drag and drop security elements directly on your template.

Multi-Page Support<

Multi-Page Support

Single page, multi- page and duplexing, options.

Data Capture

Data Capture

Visually draw capture regions to extract key data out of the document automatically.

Standard PDF Based Document Format

Docrity uses the PDF format as its default document format. PDF is the most widely adopted and the most secure.

Build Seamless Workflow Integrations with our API

Designed for developers. Easily integrate your security templates with our dead simple APIs. Supported by straightforward documentation and dedicated support. Integrate into your apps, enterprise workflows or web portals with a few lines of code.

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