Drive HIPAA compliance and prevent data leakage in Healthcare.


The Healthcare Document Workflow Challenge

Healthcare documents containing Protected Health Information (PHI) are produced in large volumes and carry hefty penalties for non-compliance with HIPAA.

Secure any documents with PHI across many different workflows to maintain HIPAA compliance. Docrity helps covered entities such as hospitals, health systems, insurance companies, and business associates overcome these challenges easily.

You Need a Data Loss Strategy

Breaches involving healthcare data are extremely costly, and documents are a main culprit. Documents make up a large percentage of breaches where 500 or more healthcare records were compromised. Fraudsters are expected to increasingly target personal healthcare data, with an estimate of one in three healthcare recipients expected to be a victim of a data breach.

You can meet HIPAA compliance, while reducing the risk of document-related data breaches with security templates customized for a variety of documents.


Track and Protect Documents with PHI

Drive control and accountability into healthcare document workflows and track documents with PHI. Apply security templates customized for different healthcare documents and include digital security and redaction to maximize protection.

Redacted PHI on documents make sensitive data accessible solely to authorized users via SecureMark or within the Authentication Portal.

Design. Secure. Done.

Easily add Docrity to your existing document workflow.

Design. Secure. Done.

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